Mechanical Engineering & Project Engineering

Mechanical, Project Engineering en Project Management

Customer sollutions engineeren & new high hygenic aseptic packaging sollution project

# First new concept of the new hygienic machine
# Film & Pouch concept lay-out engineering
# New pouch sample engineering & production for sales
# Seal, drop and leak tests for new pouch types
# First tests on the machine, for the first serious international customers
# Concept and customer engineering for hygienic and aseptic packaging machines
# New concept web tracking research & development aseptic/hygienic
# Mechanical engineering
# Project Engineering
# Project Management
# Also coached new Bosch employees in the last 5 years in the project direct and indirect
# Helped Bosch employees with my 15 years Bosch Packaging experience.

Verantwoordelijk voor;
Concept packaging solutions, packaging layout, test new packaging solutions, several new assemblies designed in the new packaging machine, tests, specifications, asbuilt for the first leads!